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Our Week

Up Up Up the tree, what will they find there? Will they work there? Will they play there? They are going to a Mark party! (July 13)


Remember the fish Uncle Mike gave Mark for his birthday….. He is becoming quite fat since coming to live with us. Mark makes sure he gets 3 meals a day (July 14)


You all know Mark is my little kitchen helper. On Wednesday ( July 15) we baked   a cake …..(oh, and licked the bowl)


The cake was for my cake class ( I teach cake decorating classes) here is all my crap supplies….. (under close Beagle supervision) (July 16)


 It was unseasonable cool on Friday so we took the opportunity to play at the park… (July 18)


And today… (July 19) We meet up with one of my blog friends and her family at Deanna Rose. There was mooing..


and goat feeding


and duck feeding…


and fun…..



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I can’t believe this weekend is almost over! Yesterday we went to a little butterfly show at our local flower and tree nursery. Mark LOVED it. He kept saying “butterfly get back here!” when they flew away.



and today is Dale and I’s 6th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe this was us…


It was an amazing day. All of our family was there, my dad walked me down the aisle and said the words he had spent almost a year rehearsing ” Her Mother and I Do.” My grandpa (who is strictly a jeans and t-shirt guy) looked so handsome in his suit. My mom, who had on a beautiful purple dress, sat in the front pew and choked back tears. I felt like a princess.

We have been though  a lot in 6 years. We have a few more wrinkles, put on a couple of pounds, and moved (twice!). We gained a dog ( A HUGE dog), lost Dale’s grandpa and made many new friends. We became parents. NICU parents. Parents of an amazing little boy. We have made tons of great decisions and a few bad. But one thing never changes, our love for eachother.

Here we are today…

6 years

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I LOVE photoshop

I used some of my newly learned Photoshop skills on this weeks photos, enjoy 🙂

76 Mark VanGogh

77 breakfast

M ready for pool


710 rose

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Hi Everyone! Our house is quiet for the first time in a week– We have had a busy week, Mark’s birthday was Tuesday and of course the 4th of July, plus the every day choas we love. Here are some pictures–

June 28– Fireflies!

 fireflies 628


June 29- Today Mark’s Birthday present from his GiGi (Dale’s grandma) and  Aunt Nan (Dale’s Aunt) arrived. He LOVED the book and cards

book from GiGi

June 30- Mark turned 3 today. We celebrated with doughnuts for breakfast, made a birthday cake, took a friend to Monkey Busiznees, lunch at McDonalds, and a famliy P-A-R-T-Y






Grandpa ran the grill

little buddy

Yes that is a FISH! Uncle Mike bought Mark a blue betta who he named “Little Buddy”

Mark and Nana

mike and jess


more pres

JULY 1, 2009- Today was my parents 31st wedding anniversary! Mark and I spent the day recouperating from yesterday’s celebration


July 2, 2009 – More Firefly catching!


July3, 2009 After a long day on our way home from therpy


July 4, 2009


And today, July 5, 2009. We spent today relaxing and playing catch up


Untill tomorrow (or when I remember to post)

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Here is some more for the past week at the Ziegler Zoo..

June 20- Baking cookies with Mommy

 baking cookies 620

June 21- Happy Father’s Day Dale!


June 22- Sukey in her natural habitat


June 23- Simba rolling around outside


June 24- Mark’s Mawmaw bought him a new waterslide for his birthday. It was delivered today and of course, she let him have it early 🙂

newslide 624

June 25- Happy Birthday Mike! Mark helped blow out the candles….


June 26 – Still loving the slide

outside 626

June 27- Ditto- Only today with a hat


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I finally have a second to sit and update 🙂 I think you will find we have been spending alot of our time outside 🙂 Here goes…


June 11- It was a HOT day! Everyone was seeking shadeDSC_0355


June 12 Reading on the deck…


June 13- Discussing important busniess on Mommy’s Blackberry


June 14- Playing in the Sand


June 15- We had some major storms today. This is from the tree in our front yard


June 16- We collected Lightening Bugs- they were all named Pete


June 17- Swinging

swing 617

June 18- Today we got new swingset toys! Thank you Grandpa


June 19th- Dinosaur Strong


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Was June 4th really the last day I updated? Really? Are you sure? Well…. I guess that means I have some catching up to do….


June 5th-


 I am playing in our Church volleyball league this summer. Let’s just say, good thing these people don’t judge you 🙂

June 6th- Jeremy Frye, a member of our church, lost his battle with cancer on June 10th of 2008. In his honor, his family and friends put on a fun fest to raise money for his foundation. I was a beautiful way to honor his memory. They raised over 6,000 dollars!


June 7th

We played outside most of the day. Nothing says summer like strawberries with “suger”


June 8th-

Still playing outside ( if you haven’t picked up on the theme yet, Mark LOVES to be outside)


June 9th,


June 10- Today was a rainy day. The clouds broke for a second in the afternoon, so of course- we went outside. Our neighbor has these bushes all over the side of his house. After it rains, the smell is amazing.



**** I made it up to the 10th, then the battery on camera died! I will finish updating tomorrow 🙂 ***

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